Apple TractorPlay: Will Apple’s Dominance in the Automotive Industry Never End?

What do cars and tractors have in common? They’re both things that can be controlled by software. With the rapid evolution of technology over the past two decades, it’s not hard to imagine that people would like to control their tractors with software as well, just like they already do with their cars. However, Apple has already beaten them to the punch with TractorPlay, which turns your tractor into an extension of your iPhone or iPad. Here’s what you need to know about this cool technology and its implications on the agricultural industry.

Apple CarPlay Is Here
For those of you who are unfamiliar with CarPlay, it’s a technology that connects your iPhone to your car via bluetooth or usb. You can then use apps such as Maps and iTunes Radio seamlessly from within your car by connecting them to your head unit. CarPlay also integrates Siri for simple commands and song searching. The best part about CarPlay is that it will be available in new cars later on today when iOS 8 comes out.

The History Behind Apple TractorPlay
The term TractorPlay was originally coined by Sergei Brin, one of Google’s founders. In 2006, Brin had declared that he believed within ten years every tractor would be autonomous and run on Google products. While he doesn’t seem to have any idea what happened with that prediction, there has been an ever-growing interest in self-driving tractors since his announcement.

The Future Of Apple Agriculture
Recently, I read an incredible report on a company called Integrated Farm Systems (I.F.S.). This is a company that manufactures fully-automated, intelligent greenhouses—and they’re producing huge profits by selling them to cannabis growers throughout North America. These greenhouses look like large boxes and include computerized climate control and lighting systems. In other words, they create perfect growing conditions for marijuana plants.

What Can We Learn From Other Companies That Have Mastered Manufacturing, Distribution and Product Design?
Although some might argue that product design doesn’t have as much to do with farming as it does with electronics, let’s take a look at companies that have been successful at reinventing a classic and see what we can learn from them. Here are a few ideas on how we can bring Apple TractorPlay into your life.

Taking Note Of The Competition
It’s been a long time since Steve Jobs has had anything to do with Apple, and some would argue that his death signaled the end of their dominance. But competitors beware—it looks like there may be another tech giant on its way up: Tesla. The electric car company not only produces sleek vehicles but is also working on creating what it calls autopilot mode, which will allow drivers to take over on autopilot for longer stretches of highway driving. How convenient!

Conclusion And Predictions
In an industry that’s constantly looking for new, innovative ways to make driving safer and more efficient, it’s no surprise that major players like Google, Intel, and even Apple are making big moves into self-driving car technology. But is it too early to draw a comparison between tech giants and farmers?

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