The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

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Average price: $ 1500*

Country of origin: Czech Republic / Slovakia

The Czechoslovak wolfdog is famous for its silvery-gray and yellowish-gray coat. The dog indeed has a ancestry that dates back to 1955, when it was bred during an experiment conducted by the Association of Broken Breeds (Czechoslovakia was a satellite state). Although it looks like a wolf, the wolf dog is very friendly.

He is sociable, but very lively and brave. It makes sense because the dog comes from wolves and cross guard dogs. These dogs are relatively rare, only 340 have been registered in Slovakia, Italy and other countries. Perhaps this explains why these dogs are so expensive, their cost reaches $ 1,500.

Although these dogs are undoubtedly good boys/girls, the Czech wolf is actually illegal in about forty states. These states prohibit the possession and breeding of wolf hybrids. Even in states where possession/breeding is allowed, the rules vary from county to county. From time to time, stories about the illegal possession of a wolfdog will appear in the headlines of Fox or CNN.