The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World


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Average price: $ 2000*

Country of origin: England

The Bulldog is known as a muscular and well-built dog with a sunken nose and a wrinkled (but beautiful) face. The English Bulldog can weigh up to fifty pounds, it is believed that it was first bred in the 1600s. He began to appear in paintings in the 1700s. An example of this is the painting “Bulldog”by Philip Reinagle.

Bulldogs were originally bred to attract bulls during bull fights, which are barbaric actions. This became illegal in England for obvious reasons, but originally such a dangerous profession was the reason why the Bulldog developed such huge jaws and fleshy muscle structures.

Bulldogs live between eight and ten years. Although they are friendly and stupid, training Bulldogs can be a little difficult because they are stubborn. They are also prone to obesity, so be sure to monitor his diet. Due to the common health problems of Bulldogs, it is a good idea to buy pet insurance for this breed. Companies like Gecko will not only insure your house and car, but can also insure pets.