The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World


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Average price: $ 2900*

Country of Origin: China

Chow-chow is known as “Songxi Quan” in China, which means “Lion”. Chow-chow no is not hypoallergenic, and his short and muscular figure is also covered with thick and fluffy hairs. The weight of this breed of dog can reach seventy-one pounds. He was bred in China as a “versatile” dog for hunting, guarding, guarding or working.

If you are looking for a genius dog, this breed might not be for you. Although Chow Chow es is very kind and devoted, he has always been on the list of the least trained and least intelligent dogs. However, they compensate for this by the fact that they are protective and beautiful.

It can be difficult for American owners to have a chow-chow, as these are the most banned dog breeds in America, as they are aggressive and require such intense socialization and training. However, the owners with Chow-Chow will object to his imposing reputation. Chow Chow, Barney, was named “mascot of the week” by the local ABC station in December 2020.