The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World

Peruvian Hairless

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Average price: $ 3000*

Country of Origin: Peru

A hairless Peruvian dog is easily distinguished by its hairless body, although it may have scattered strands on top. The dog is small in size and the breed has existed for centuries. It was first bred in Peru in pre-Inca times. They gained popularity during the Inca dynasty.

You can find images of these dogs as wonderful companions in the Andean and Mochi ceramic vases. Dogs were food for Peruvians before the Incas, but the Incas considered them mystical creatures and banned them completely after the conquest of the region. There were rumors that dogs could cure arthritis.

According to the New York Times, naked Peruvian dogs are still “just as important as Machu Picchu” in their country of origin, Peru. These dogs live between eleven and twelve years old. They weigh a maximum of 26 pounds and grow from 16 to 20 inches at the shoulder. The character of the Peruvian Bald dog is lively, affectionate and caring.