The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

dog food monthly cost

Average price: $ 2200*

Country of origin: Wales

Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, Oniels Corgi Pembrok is a breed of cattle. It is one of the two breeds belonging to the Welsh Corgi brand and comes with the Welsh Corgi cardigan. Both are the descendants of the Northern Spitz dogs. Corgi is between twelve and fifteen years old.

Corgi have occupied their place in pop culture for decades as the favorite breed of the royal family. To date, Queen Elizabeth II had 30 clumsy short-legged dogs, although she stopped breeding them so that there would be only one left when she died. Currently, the only remaining Corgi is a mix of dachshunds, a Corgi named Candy.

Males can reach 31 pounds; however, females are slightly smaller, reaching only 29 pounds. The Corgi is distinguished by its short legs and large standing triangular ears. Despite its small size, Corgi is very tenacious, remembering his days as a breeder on the desert lands of Wales.