The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World


Average price: $ 800*

Country of origin: Central Africa

The Basengis come from working dogs from Central Africa. The breed is part of the greyhounds group, according to almost all nurseries around the world. This hypoallergenic breed is known to be very intelligent, but it is not easy to train. It can be recognized by the wrinkled head and the curved tail.

Her peculiarity is her voice. He does not bark, which is why he is often called a “barkless dog”. Instead, when he is excited, it makes a yodel sound. Males can reach seventeen inches in height and twenty-six pounds. Females are on average a few inches shorter and two pounds lighter.

By sharing many traits with wild dogs like Dingo and being considered a group of “marginalized” dogs, that is, dogs that like to live near human communities without being left without a host, Basenji has other unique traits. One of these characteristics is the shorter breeding season, which occurs only once a year, unlike other domesticated breeds that enter estrus twice a year.