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Double Doodle

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Average price: $ 1900*

Country of Origin: United States of America

Nicknamed “double Doodle”, this breed of dog is not purebred. It is a cross between labradoodel and goldendudel. Double doodles can also be created by crossing groups of Golden Retriever, poodle or Labrador. This breed of dog is intelligent, friendly, energetic and gentle.

Because the double Doodle is a crossbreed, it is usually a fairly healthy dog, living between twelve and fifteen years old. They usually do not have the same problems as their original parents, due to the diversity of their genetic backgrounds (which was undoubtedly what the original breeders wanted).

You can also recognize it by other names: Golden Labradoodle or North American Retriever. This breed of dog, despite its softness, does not come out. He also likes to play fetch, so if you are an inactive person who knows how to play PetSmart ball for an hour, the Double Doodle may not be for you.