The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World

Golden Retriever

puppy first year vet costs

Average price: $ 2000*

Country of origin: Scotland

One of the friendliest dogs on this list is the Golden Retriever, a large dog that was bred as a hunting dog, that is, it was bred to recover waterfowl (hunting birds) after being hunted by its owner. The name Retriever comes from its ability to hunt slaughtered waterfowl without compromising the slaughter.

The Golden has such a soft mouth that it may contain an egg without breaking it, which is another reason why we prefer it during the hunt. he is a very friendly and reliable dog. It is easy to recognize by the soft or creamy skin. This is the fifth most popular dog wheel in the world.

Golden retrievers are the favorites of television and cinema. CBS’ came Sam and NBC’s The Year of Life shows showed Goldens, much to the delight of fans. Golden retrievers are easy to train and they are very adorable, so overall, they are universally loved. Suitable for any television program, or cinema, whatever the theme.