The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World


yearly vet costs for a dog

Average price: $ 2000*

Country of Origin: Canada

Named the Moscow water dog, Newfoundland was born in the Dominion of Newfoundland, located in modern-day Canada. The breeding of dogs was carried out even before the formation of the Union of Canada. Newfoundland is a large breed characterized by long wool and a heavy bone structure.

Can weigh up to 150 lbs for males and up to 120 lbs for females. Despite a decent carrying capacity and a large body, this working dog is very trainable, gentle and has a pleasant temperament. The main colors of his wool are black, gray, black, white or brown. Their service life can reach ten years.

Newfoundland is not an aggressive dog, and you can go to YouTube and see photos where they have befriended any animal, even a fox. A woman from Alberta, Canada, told CBC that a young vixen and her three-year-old daughter, Newfoundland, discovered each other in her garden. Now they are best friends.