Animal Farming: Is It Really that Bad?

For as long as humans have existed, we’ve raised animals to turn them into food, but our methods of doing so have changed dramatically throughout the years. Today, livestock animals in the US are almost exclusively raised on factory farms, or animal farms as they’re commonly known. And, while these farms account for only 5% … Read more

5 Reasons Why Urban Farming is Incredibly Profitable

Urban farming isn’t just the latest hipster craze; it’s actually highly profitable and beneficial to the community in a number of ways. In fact, urban farms can be even more productive than traditional farms, and they allow farmers to earn much higher profits with fewer costs. Here are five reasons why urban farming is incredibly … Read more

5 Subsistence Farming Practices That You Might Not Know

There are many different types of farming practices around the world. A subsistence farmer, however, uses farming practices that have been used since before modern society was created. These techniques aren’t usually sustainable in today’s world; however, they can help get food on the table without spending too much money. Here are five subsistence farming … Read more

5 Benefits of Organic Farming That You Might Not Know

Organic farming is a way of growing crops that is focused on maintaining soil health and replenishing nutrients rather than simply maximizing production. In an organic system, crops are grown with minimal synthetic inputs such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Instead, farmers use crop rotations, green manure, compost, and other practices to manage the soil … Read more