Organic urban gardening

organic urban gardening

People like to spend time in the garden and grow their own fruits and vegetables. The additional advantage of environmental friendliness — and the knowledge that your product does not contain harmful chemicals – gives impetus to the use of organic methods. But urban residents also appreciate this trend, although limited space creates additional problems. … Read more

11 garden maintenance tips you should know

garden maintenance tips

How many hours do you spend gardening? Gardening is a very popular activity, but unfortunately, due to our busy lifestyle, we don’t always have time to decorate our outdoor space. So, how can we give our gardens the attention they deserve? In order to make national gardening more reasonable, we have provided 11 tips on … Read more

21 Different Types of Gardens for Your Yard and Home

The garden is one of the staples of British families. In fact, a 2008 survey of housing stock in England found that 78% of British homes have private gardens in the front and back yards. On the other hand, Dubai has the largest park in the world. It is called The Miracle Garden of Dubai … Read more

13 Proper gardening techniques to Help New Gardeners

Organic Gardening Simply put, organic gardening means planting without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. In a broader sense, it emphasizes a broader ecosystem. This type of gardening is looking for solutions to improve the health of the soil, flora and animals around the garden. This is usually due to a large number of compost crops and … Read more

15 small backyard design ideas

15 small backyard design ideas

Depending on where you live, there may be insufficient space. But good things are in small packages, including small pieces of soil. Continue reading to learn more about 15 small backyard design ideas. Whether you live in a town house, on a hillside or in the city, landscaping ideas for your small backyard can include … Read more

HOW TO GARDEN / Gardening Basics

Since there is so much to consider while starting a garden and maintaining it properly, novice gardeners are frequently frightened by the process. You’ll find solutions and advice for crucial gardening jobs, from pruning shrubs to adding high-quality organic matter to your soil. 11 Top proper gardening techniques Do you want to know how to … Read more