Top 11 genius garden hacks that will save you a lot of money and time

Place the bananas in the garden.

Because bananas themselves are a versatile and nutritious fruit, what could be wiser, can they also be used in your garden? Here are a few reasons why peeled docks are worth considering planting bananas in the garden.:

Bananas contain a natural solution of potassium, which is an indispensable nutrient for plant growth. When you add the banana peel to the compost or directly on its own, it enriches your plants with potassium.

Since bananas are made with organic materials, when they decompose, they only add carbon and other nutrients, thus improving the absorption and fertility of its nutrients.

Bananas can help attract good insects for your garden. The flowers and fruits of bananas are also preferred by pollinators.

Bananas can serve as a natural mulch. When you add banana leaves or pods to the red color of its plants, it helps to retain moisture and inhibits the growth of fruits.

We can grow bananas in the shade in our garden. On large banana leaves, you can grow a protective film that will protect your plants from the scorching sun.

As a general rule, adding bananas to your garden can do a lot of good for your plants and for yourself. This is the easiest and most sustainable way to improve the water quality in your garden.