Top 11 genius garden hacks that will save you a lot of money and time

Keep the plastic containers and reuse them as starting pots for seeds or seedlings.

Storing plastic containers and reusing them as starting pots for seeds or seedlings in your garden is an easy and economical way to start gardening. Here are some of the advantages of using plastic containers, such as yogurt cups or bottling containers, as starting pots:

The use of plastic packaging is an economical option. Many of us at home already have plastic containers, such as yogurt cups or take-out containers, that we can reuse in gardening. This saves money and reduces waste.

Plastic containers are lightweight and easy to handle. They are a good choice for young plants or seedlings that are still fragile and need easy transportation.

Plastic containers ensure good drainage. Most plastic containers at the bottom have holes through which excess water flows out, which prevents root rot and other problems.

Plastic packaging is versatile. You can use containers of different sizes and shapes according to your needs. For example, you can use small containers for herbs and large containers for vegetables.

In general, using plastic containers as starting pots for your garden is a simple and effective way to start gardening. It is an economical and ecological option that will help you grow healthy plants.