Top 11 genius garden hacks that will save you a lot of money and time

Provide your garden with additional Nutrition by adding a used tea bag to the soil.

Usually, we throw away the used tea bags immediately after brewing the tea. However, this is a huge waste, because there are so many reasons why a used tea bag can make a big difference in your garden!

You provide additional nutrition by adding a tea bag to the soil in your garden. Tea leaves contain tannins and nutrients that act as natural fertilizers for the Soil. The bag itself is made from the fibers of the stem of the Abaca plant, a variety of banana tree. Tea dissolves easily in the soil and is a healthy environment for the growth of flowers and plants.

Tea bags also protect against worms. Used tea bags as well as coffee grounds help protect your flowers and plants from larvae. The smell scares away all the creatures that want to bite your precious plant.

It is also very sensible to add a used tea bag to a compost pile. The acids contained in the tea will accelerate the process of decomposition of the fertilizer. This means that you will be able to use compost for your garden much earlier than otherwise.

Bury the used tea bag near the roots of flowers or plants in the ground. This will help your plants and flowers retain more water in the soil. This way you will make sure that they stay healthier!

Bury the used tea bag in the ground, it will be very difficult for weeds to grow next to your healthy plants and flowers.

The smell of tea bags helps to prevent cats from getting inside. Sprinkle a little tea in the soil of your garden to prevent cats from urinating and defecating everywhere.

Worms can easily eat tea leaves. When these leaves are digested and returned to the soil, they produce more nutrients for the super fertile garden.