Top 11 genius garden hacks that will save you a lot of money and time

Use old cans for drainage in your garden

Using old drainage cans in your garden is a great way to reuse materials and save money on drainage solutions.

Older cans, such as soda cans or soup cans, can be used as temporary drainage holes in pots and flower pots. Just drill a few holes in the bottom of the box with a nail or screw, then place the box at the bottom of the pot before adding soil and plants.

The holes at the bottom of the box will allow excess water to drain out of the pot, which will help prevent root rot and other problems that may result from overwatering. This simple and inexpensive drainage solution is ideal for small container gardens and can be easily adapted to any size or shape of pot.

In addition to ensuring effective drainage, using old drainage cans in your garden can also help reduce waste and protect the environment. By reusing old cans rather than throwing them away, you can help keep these materials away from landfills and reduce their carbon footprint